Local logistic solution

We provide local logistic service include Last Mile Delivery and Dry Van Freight. We gain a competitive advantage by reaching 95% of the Los Angeles. in hours, while maintaining consistent customer satisfaction through expert solutions that enhance brand integrity.

PiggyShip Last Mile Delivery

PiggyShip combines premium customer-centric service options—over the threshold, room of choice, white glove delivery, deluxe—drivers trained for your products, and integrated returns management to maintain brand loyalty and maximize customer satisfaction.


Loading parcels to our distribution center and sorting them with optimized route. Full visibility into fleet and real-time driver management makes us dispatching efficiently.


PiggyShip have 24-hours delivery ability to satisfy our clients' demand. 3-5 Shifts per day, all over Great Los Angeles area. Smart routing software and APPs empower our fleet.


Not only delivery but pick-up.

Safety & Insurance

100% coverage of primary shipments. You heard it right – our coverage of primary shipments doesn’t miss. We’ve never turned one down, ever.

Cooperate with us!

PiggyShip's advantage

Great rates, even greater service

lower cost

We treat your business as a trusted partner for the long-term, not a commodity. So you get great service and transparent rates.

In-sync warehousing and delivery

real-time tracking

With PiggyShip, your transportation and warehousing are always connected, so you avoid waiting times and delayed shipments.


local delivery

You can consolidate a variety of goods and materials into a single shipment, avoiding redundancy.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

no intermediate transfer

All sales go directly to the brand itself, skipping most of the traditional supply chain.

Easily integration

scalable platform

PiggyShip could be easily integrate with other platform you use. Contact us for more detailed information.